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Melcylix has a constant motivation to do more and better for the customer.
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Repair and Maintenance of Dies

Each tool has its useful lifetime, however, to keep their yield and optimum shelf life, the tool requires care for periodic maintenance, in which Melcylix has large experience in maintenance and also in correcting problems and making project and tools changes.
Progressive stamping tools and embedment
Design and Construction of Dies

Taking the learned experience by the team of maintenance technicians of Prenso Metal and adding some skills, Melcylix is specialized not only in maintaining but also in conception and construction of Dies and Tools.
Embedment Tools CAD-CAM Machinations
Welding jigs coupling
Simple Pieces
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melcylix - workers

Qualified and competent workers

Control and supervision to ensure maximum quality of our products and services.
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melcylix - Engineering & Production

Engineering & Production

Where we study the piece in all aspects to get a tool that meets the needs of our customers.
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